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Do you think we should start chapters & groups of Sindh University Alumni?

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Do you think there is a need to form different chapters of the Sindh University Alumni throughout the country as well as abroad? Its a very common and successful practice in foreign universities but can be adopted to improve the performance and network of our alumni. What contribution can we expect from you in this regard?

Definition of a Chapter:

An alumni chapter is a group of former students of the University who share a common interest and have decided
to formalise their interaction with each other and with UoS.
Chapters may be organised as:
๐บ regional groups (country, city, region or campus)
๐บ educational areas (faculty or discipline area
๐บ residential college alumni
๐บ professional or industry area
๐บ special interest groups
The focus of an individual chapter can vary, but may include:
๐บ networking and building social, professional and business relations with other UoS alumni
๐บ keeping in contact with friends from university
๐บ creating a support network in regional or isolated areas
๐บ having regular social gatherings
๐บ providing support to current UoS students in the area
๐บ raising funds for a scholarship nominated by the chapter
๐บ assisting UoS in achieving its objectives

Chapters are generally organised and operated in a fairly formal way with a committee selected from amongst its
members. There are also “groups”, which are characterised by a more informal interaction between alumni.
I am trying to gather the views, comments and suggestions of former students of Sindh University Alumni, who would like to join the network, so that we could take necessary measures, for expanding the network of Sindh University Alumni Association. I would request all of you, whether you are a former student of University of Sindh or not, to give your commnets, based on your own experiences.

Written by Kamran Brohi

June 28, 2009 at 3:54 pm

An online effort for expanding the network of Sindh University Alumni

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Welcome to the UoS Alumni Network on Facebook. This is the โ€œofficialโ€ Facebook group for all alumni of UoS and its private and government affilated colleges.
Sindh University Alumni Association

UoS has recently launched the Alumni Network Improvement Committee and we have been busy trying to get in touch with as many past graduates as we can.

If you havenโ€™t heard from us yet, visit http://alumni.usindh.edu.pk to find out more about the UoS Alumni Association and to confirm your membership.
In the meantime, leave us a message, share your memories of UoS, and check out who else from your UoS past is hanging around in Facebook. If you are a former student of University of Sindh and would like to join this group, you can easily do it by clicking the above link and by sending a request.

Your membership, participation, comments and suggestions can help us expand this network and improve its performance.
Kamran Brohi

P.S. – This network will provide a chance of participation, to those students of this great institute, who somehow have not been able to join the formal Alumni Association of the University.

Written by Kamran Brohi

June 28, 2009 at 3:46 pm