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Memories of the CUSAC Bursary Program Students from UoS

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I would like to share the memories and reports of two of the selected students, for one semester study at Universiti Sains Malaysia, under the CUSAC (Commonwealth Universities Study Abroad Consortium) Bursary Program of ACU (Association of Commonwealth Universities) in the year 2006.  I was working as the Coordinator of this Program for University of Sindh, at that time. A selected candidate is supposed to submit a report like this, once he completes one semester study and returns to his home university.

I am sharing their reports, through this blog, for the encouragement and help of those, who are willing to compete for this program, in the coming days.

* A study tour to Malaysia*

* *By Muneer Rajpar

It started on 23rd of February 2006 from University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan to the University of Sains Malaysia (USM), Pinang, sponsored by Association of Commonwealth Universities under its SUCA (Commonwealth Universities Study Abroad Consortium) from United Kingdom.

War to keep my eyes open after a sleepless 5 hours flight, started mid of night to early in the morning from Karachi to Kuala Lumpur and further one hour’s domestic flight to Pinang.

On the arrival at Pinang airport of Malaysia, i had been given the facility of receiving by the USM, the buddy student came at airport for picking up, who helped the abroad student in picking up from airport to USM and made them familiar to campus, departments, hostels, sports activity participation, nearer cities and shopping malls etcetera, so the buddy student became tremendous helper for me.

On the 1st day, he (buddy student) allotted hostel for me and in the room all the modern facilities were present, then i set out to USM campus and on that day i had been admitted in USM international and Academic Affairs Office for one Semester Study Abroad Scheme on the basis of CUSAC-bursary scholarship but due my late arrival at USM, they(USM international officers) suggested me that I should do research rather than regular classes because it might be difficult to cover whole subject, whose classes, courses, assignment, mid-term and presentation had gone, so i preferred to do research work rather than regular classes and for this, i had been given appointment to dean of my relevant Department on the next day.

On the next day I discussed with my dean of Social Sciences & he suggested me few topics for research study then on third day I chosen my topic and informed to dean then he provided me a supervisor for guiding me about my research work

On the following day, a student on the advises of social science’s administration shown me computer lab for undergraduate students, in which countless PCs with internet access available which were free of charges and she also shown me digital library and that was my first experience in digital library.

Although with my research work, Dean of Social Sciences provided me opportunity to attend classes relevant to my field of study; in order that I could observe and get experience regarding university.

Through this way my classes and research work was going on and on every Saturday and Sunday, i usually went out to see different places in Pinang as Batu Ferrangi Beach, Butter Worth, Pinang Bridge, Pinang Hill Station.

I had enjoyed a lot because scholarship provided me sufficient amount of money by which I was able to see whole Malaysian beautiful cities, places and greeneries.

In the USM almost from every country, one or two students were studying and meeting with them, I was learning their cultures, religions, languages, traditions, norms, civilizations and morals; as I was feeling that world had been a small globe by which i could easily meet different people and feel their culture, not only this but I was also feeling that I was visiting their countries without moving there.

This pictorial journey allowed me to experience a true Asian Culture and its traditions, as well as the amazing variety of tasty local campus community, catch a glimpse of what it’s like to spend part of my campus life in a foreign land.

By this way time was passing and ultimately I had completed my research work and submitted it to my Supervisor and confirmed my return ticket and on 22^nd of April i returned back to my beloved country.

In the end I would say “The life and study in paradise and botanical garden like ‘University of Sains Malaysia, Pinang’ is unvanishable memory where a person can meet with different races, ethnics, peoples and observe their cultures, languages, religions, traditions, civilizations, norms and morels .The experience of study in USM with the encouragement of ACU will never be forgotten by me.

Muneer Rajpar

Deptt: of International Relations, University of Sindh , Jamshoro, Pakistan.

Email: rajper_muneer@yahoo.com

* A one semester study tour of Malaysia*

* *By Kamran Khowaja

I indebted to CUSAC bursary program which gave me an opportunity to go abroad, and my teachers who help and encouraged me to go. This was first time i as a student went abroad to study, that was very splendid experience for me. I have met different people, confronted different culture, complied different norms and learnt something new. Every day was just a new day for me and i learnt from every moment i spend over there thousand miles away from my family.

We arrived late due to VISA problems. Actually i was shocked that i could not take any course because date for registration for courses already was gone. We were only able to take one research project of our own area of study. Initial days went very bad. i was suffering from nostalgia and depressed about my failure to take any courses, i was thinking that was it worthwhile to stay just to do one project, i consulted with my parents and my relative to avail it or not. My parents exhorted me to stay and to do project. After few days i became determined and carried my work on project. After some time, days went as blink of an eye. We were begrudged every movement that we spent there. In Malaysia all people with different culture, norms and standards mingled with each other and live calmly and peacefully. In Malaysia we come to know that stranger is a friend whom we haven’t talked yet. People are helping and very co-operative.

Focus of learning was practical at University of Sains Malaysia instead of academic as we did it in our home university. We learnt things practically from educational to living abroad in hostel. I never had been in hostel so far. It was great experience to live and share ideas with colleagues of different mentality. We met different students which had come to study as a exchange students from diverse parts of the world.

I was supervised by Datin Dr: Joriah Muhammad in School of Management University of sains Malaysia. I took a project Capital markets of Pakistan and Malaysia. We never had done research project at undergraduate level. It was very tough to do a job but with bless of God and help by supervisor we did it well and completed on time. I collected secondary data about capital markets of Pakistan and Malaysia, which included Stock market and corporate bond market excluding working of DFIs (Developing Financial Institutes) and NBFIs (Non-banking Financial Institutes). I compared data of both countries. I come to know that Pakistan is lacking behind Malaysia, it is standing on position where Malaysia was some 6 to 7 years ago. Malaysia has more sophisticated stock and debt market where as Pakistan is in its rudimentary stage and evolving as future Asian Tiger.

In brief, i came to know some different world, learnt and taught things, met different faces and visited different places. Today i thank to my parents who gave me courage and urged me to stay in Malaysia and complete my work. I have learned to spend life without beloved with you, cope up with nostalgia. It was like an expedition for me where i enjoyed and learned.

Kamran Khowaja

Institute of Business Administration,University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

Email: kamran_khowaja86@hotmail.com

Written by Kamran Brohi

July 1, 2009 at 4:24 am

Policy for Internet, Intranet, Web-Sites and Email in Federal Government Organizations.

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85px-Coat_of_arms_of_Pakistan_svgThe Government of Pakistan has laid out a Policy for Internet, Intranet, Web-Sites and Email in Federal Government Organizations. It suggests that Provincial Governments and other organizations may use this policy as a guideline to draw up respective policies.

As there exists no policy for the Internet, Intranet, Web-Sites and Email in University of Sindh, which is why instead of having all the latest IT equipment, infrastructure, services and facilities, we are not able to take the most out of these, in this information age. So I think it’s high time that University of Sindh should devise its own policy, based on the policy of federal government.

200px-Logo_of_University_of_SindhI think it’s due to the absence of such policy and its awareness that most of the faculty members and administrative staff, in University of Sindh, are still using the commercial email addresses, in official communication within and outside the university, despite the fact that all of them have been provided with POP3 email accounts with web mail facility on an email server which is hosted on the servers of one of the top hosting companies of USA . Most of them are not even aware of the importance and benefit of official email addresses. The lack of such policy is preventing the promotion of use of official websites and email addresses.

However, I would still like to know the reasons, which are preventing the use of official email address. If any faculty member or staff of University of Sindh, has any kind of confusion about the usage, security and storage of official email address, he/she can contact me directly and I would be pleased to help them out.

 Policy for Internet, Intranet, Web-Sites and Email in Federal Government Organizations.


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June 30, 2009 at 6:59 pm

Do you think we should start chapters & groups of Sindh University Alumni?

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Do you think there is a need to form different chapters of the Sindh University Alumni throughout the country as well as abroad? Its a very common and successful practice in foreign universities but can be adopted to improve the performance and network of our alumni. What contribution can we expect from you in this regard?

Definition of a Chapter:

An alumni chapter is a group of former students of the University who share a common interest and have decided
to formalise their interaction with each other and with UoS.
Chapters may be organised as:
𐁺 regional groups (country, city, region or campus)
𐁺 educational areas (faculty or discipline area
𐁺 residential college alumni
𐁺 professional or industry area
𐁺 special interest groups
The focus of an individual chapter can vary, but may include:
𐁺 networking and building social, professional and business relations with other UoS alumni
𐁺 keeping in contact with friends from university
𐁺 creating a support network in regional or isolated areas
𐁺 having regular social gatherings
𐁺 providing support to current UoS students in the area
𐁺 raising funds for a scholarship nominated by the chapter
𐁺 assisting UoS in achieving its objectives

Chapters are generally organised and operated in a fairly formal way with a committee selected from amongst its
members. There are also “groups”, which are characterised by a more informal interaction between alumni.
I am trying to gather the views, comments and suggestions of former students of Sindh University Alumni, who would like to join the network, so that we could take necessary measures, for expanding the network of Sindh University Alumni Association. I would request all of you, whether you are a former student of University of Sindh or not, to give your commnets, based on your own experiences.

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June 28, 2009 at 3:54 pm

An online effort for expanding the network of Sindh University Alumni

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Welcome to the UoS Alumni Network on Facebook. This is the “official” Facebook group for all alumni of UoS and its private and government affilated colleges.
Sindh University Alumni Association

UoS has recently launched the Alumni Network Improvement Committee and we have been busy trying to get in touch with as many past graduates as we can.

If you haven’t heard from us yet, visit http://alumni.usindh.edu.pk to find out more about the UoS Alumni Association and to confirm your membership.
In the meantime, leave us a message, share your memories of UoS, and check out who else from your UoS past is hanging around in Facebook. If you are a former student of University of Sindh and would like to join this group, you can easily do it by clicking the above link and by sending a request.

Your membership, participation, comments and suggestions can help us expand this network and improve its performance.
Kamran Brohi

P.S. – This network will provide a chance of participation, to those students of this great institute, who somehow have not been able to join the formal Alumni Association of the University.

Written by Kamran Brohi

June 28, 2009 at 3:46 pm